Student Code of Professional Conduct and Academic Honor

Student Code of Professional Conduct and Academic Honor

Purpose of Code

The purpose of the Student Code of Professional Conduct and Academic Honor (Code of Conduct or Code) is to foster a community of responsible citizens who conduct themselves according to principles of honor, integrity, respect, and civility. In order to maintain such a community, all students of Sonoran University are implicitly required to abide by its standards and further agree to hold all other citizens of the community equally accountable for adherence to the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct.

Sonoran University is dedicated not only to learning and to the advancement of knowledge but also to the development of ethically sensitive and responsible students and graduates. In furtherance of this objective, the Code recognizes the basic premise that learning is a process of individual effort and commitment, accompanied by moral and intellectual integrity, and coupled with adherence to basic standards of appropriate behavior.

The authority of Sonoran University to promulgate disciplinary and judicial procedures and impose sanctions upon students found responsible for violating the Code of Conduct derives from the Board of Trustees’ November 1998 resolution (1998 Resolution), which provides as follows: “The Board of Trustees empowers the judicial structure set in place by Sonoran University in accordance with its mission statement to maintain a sense of order, protect persons and property and promote a sense of community with full authority to impose and administer appropriate sanctions.”

Consistent with the 1998 Resolution, the purpose of the Code is to establish standards of conduct that:

  • promotes a safe and respectful learning environment,
  • is consistent with the Core Values and educational mission of the University, and
  • protects access by all members of the University community to a campus atmosphere that is conducive to the University’s educational endeavors.

Any student who engages in, or attempts to engage in, conduct that disregards, threatens to undermine, or otherwise impedes the purpose of the Code or the 1998 Resolution is subject to disciplinary action, regardless of whether the behavior at issue violates any standard of conduct specifically addressed in the Code. Further, all students are expected to make themselves familiar with—and are charged with knowledge of—this Code; ignorance of this Code is not a defense to, or grounds for excusing, violations of the Code of Conduct.

As a precondition for matriculation, students will sign an acknowledgment that they have read, understand, and agree to follow all the material contained in the Student Handbook and Course Catalog, including the Student Code of Professional Conduct and the Integrity and Academic Dishonesty policies and will adhere to their requirements.

Student and Alumni Status

Sonoran University welcomes alumni to our campus.  Alumni and former students are required to continue adhering to the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct. Violations in the Code of Conduct by former students may result in loss of access to the campus, resources, and all other Sonoran University sites and activities. The following presents a clear statement of student responsibilities, conduct, and behavior. It defines prohibited conduct, the disciplinary process for violations, and potential consequences for violations. As it relates to student conduct, a student is defined as any individual registered or enrolled in a class/rotation at Sonoran University, including and from the date they submit a tuition deposit toward enrollment until the last day of the quarter in which they graduate. Sonoran University retains conduct jurisdiction over students who choose to take a leave of absence, withdraw, or have graduated, for any misconduct that occurred prior to the leave, withdrawal, or graduation.

Modification of Code

Sonoran University reserves the right to create, modify, or make changes to the policies from time to time, as needed, or when deemed necessary. Sonoran University will communicate those changes with reasonable notice to all interested parties. These regulations may be extended or amended to apply to new and unanticipated situations, which may arise.