MSNBL Program Information

Designed for working professionals, the online Executive Master of Science in Nutrition Business Leadership (MSNBL) degree empowers students with essential nutrition and business knowledge and skills that can add immediate value to their organizations and careers.  The innovative curriculum has been developed with input from global industry experts and thought leaders and equips graduates with current, realistic, and evidenced-based training from both national and international perspectives, and with a focus on personal, environmental, and corporate sustainability. Unlike any other program, the MSNBL trains students in the nutritional sciences, supply/value chain (including ingredient procurement, product manufacturing, regulations, sales, and marketing), and leadership and management, all specific to the natural foods and dietary supplement industry. Graduates will be prepared to respond to the nutrition industry’s need for evidence-based leaders who can have a positive impact on the quadruple bottom line: people, planet, profit, and purpose – and will be ready to successfully start their own ventures or be employed by organizations in key leadership roles.

Program Mission

To educate and inspire current and future leaders to grow the global natural products industry through evidence-based and sustainable practices that safely, ethically, and effectively enhance the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the MSNBL program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Utilize knowledge of nutritional sciences to describe the relationship between nutrients and human health and disease.
  2. Apply functional business knowledge of the global natural products industry to support effective business outcomes and professional success.
  3. Demonstrate effective leadership and communication skills to cultivate collaboration and effective outcomes in business.
  4. Implement personal, environmental, and corporate sustainability strategies to prevent burnout, cultivate a responsible and purpose-driven organization, and improve organizational performance.
  5. Demonstrate ethics and professionalism in business management, leadership, decision-making, and interactions with all clients and professionals.
  6. Utilize skills for scholarship and lifelong learning to remain current in the natural food and products industry.