MSNBL Academic Information

MSNBL Academic Coursework

The MSNBL program at Sonoran University is a cohort-based, online distance education program that follows a prescribed track and includes one weekend-long in-person residential experience. All academic credit is computed in quarter hours (see Credit Equivalence section below). All students are guided by the curriculum as outlined in their prescribed program of study. Students are automatically registered for core courses (not selectives). Registration for MSNBL selective courses is available to students online 24/7 during the open registration period. Registration dates for each program of study are published in the academic calendar unless posted otherwise. Registration is the responsibility of the student. Students may not deviate from their prescribed program of study. Sonoran University reserves the right to make curriculum changes that are applicable to all students, if necessary.


Sonoran University offers selectives, or required electives, in the MSNBL degree program as part of the core curriculum. Selectives are advertised prior to registration, and an enrollment of a minimum number of students may be required before some selectives will be offered, see Adding and Dropping Courses. Students will register for selectives online during the published registration timeframe. For a list of potential selectives, please see MSNBL Selective Course Descriptions.

Course Format and Requirements

The MSNBL program consists of 39 didactic credits (468 didactic contact hours). The format of the program is online with one course delivered in-person as a residential experience at Sonoran University's campus in Tempe, AZ.

Full-time enrollment is defined as being enrolled for a minimum of 4 credits. Part-time enrollment is defined as being enrolled for a minimum of 2 credits but less than 4 credits.

Credit Equivalence

Courses are reported in quarter credit hours according to the following values:

Didactic: 1 credit = 12 contact hours per quarter

Program Length and Completion Timeframe

The MSNBL program is designed to be completed in less than 2 academic years, or 5 academic quarters. Students are expected to complete the MSNBL program within 10 academic quarters, not to exceed two and a half years from the initial date of matriculation, including any and all leaves of absence and periods of withdrawal.  

If a student stays on track with the program, taking all courses as they are offered in sequence, students can expect to graduate within 5 consecutive quarters, or just over one calendar year.